Calvary encourages her members to look for opportunities to share the Good News about Jesus in word and deed, not matter where they are. However, we have still organized some opportunities for members to serve as a group. Church committees are where the action is! Serving on a church committee is definitely a spiritual growth opportunity, so get involved today! If you are interested in serving in any of these areas, let us know.


Audio/Visual: Brian Marchese, 757-715-1341
Budget: Dave Bailey, 757-838-2166
Calvary Classical School: Lori Rogers, 757-262-0062
Children's Church: Tracey Ferguson, 757-746-4194
Children's Ministry: T.J. Schley, 757-826-5942
Choir:  Jane Grant, 757-595-3148
Christian Education: Scott Mericle, 757-369-9674
College/Career:  Jon Doughty, 757-329-0002
Decorations:  Ellen Newsom, 757-868-6030
Discipleship:  Van Rhodes, 757-595-0793
ESL: Sheila Hairr, 757-868-0473
Fellowship: Caleb Hurst, 757-262-8839
Grounds: Julie Mericle, 757-930-1058
Hospitality: Ashley Narkawicz, 757-930-0562
Kitchen/Meals: Jenny Roberts, 757-778-1210
Ladies Bible Study:  Marcia Dahl, 757-930-2052
Librarian: Paula Van Rassel, 757-898-4056
Men's Ministry: Jake Hughes, 757-715-7186
Missions: Beth Ann Doughty, 757-310-2992
Music Team: Laura MacLachlan, 757-897-1031
Nehemiah’s Nook: Dale Gray, 757-850-0532
Nursery: Paula Erichsen, 757-706-3202
Organ:  Dan Moerder, 757-272-5118
Retreat: Darren Roberts, 757-778-8152
Shower: Kathryn Newsom, 757-636-9004
Small Groups: T.J. Schley, 757-826-5942
Special Music: Vacant
Ushering: Dave Soistmann, 757-525-0609
Women's Ministry:  Marcia Dahl, 757-930-2052
Worship: Dave Mericle, 757-930-1058
Youth Ministry: T.J. Schley, 757-826-5942