CRPC Position Search

CRPC is currently accepting applications for the position of Church Administrator.  If you believe that you meet the minimum qualifications below and are interested in supporting the ministries of CRPC, please submit your application.


Church administrator - job description

The Church Administrator (CA) is an essential part of the ministry team at Calvary. The purpose of this position is to organize information, manage ministry logistics, oversee church communications, and work toward keeping the day-to-day operations at Calvary organized, efficient, and clear.

  • Hours: 30 hours per week, 9am – 3pm, Monday-Friday
  • Salary: $15/hour; 5 paid holidays; 1 week paid vacation; other time off without pay
  • Reports to: Senior Pastor

Office Responsibilities

  • The CA is responsible to manage the church office.
  • To offer a knowledgeable presence during office hours: answer phones, relay messages, distribute mail, etc.
  • To facilitate church communication networks: bulletins, phones, emails, mail, newsletters, webpage, etc.
  • To manage office policy enforcement in conjunction with the staff, Session, Diaconate, and committee chairpersons: building use, bulletin boards, mailboxes, flyers, etc.
  • Manage the flow of supplies, the maintenance of office equipment, the upkeep of church files and records.
  • To facilitate and schedule building usage in conjunction with the staff, Session, and Diaconate
  • To maintain and communicate the master church calendar

Staff Responsibilities

  • The CA works to alert ministry staff, elders, deacons, and chairpersons as to what is needed and when for the organization to   run smoothly.
  • Manage office resources to support staff projects.
  • Oversee personnel records: vacation days, benefits, etc.
  • Available for direct administrative support for the Senior and Associate Pastors.
  • Provides direct administrative support for the Session; prepares Session minutes and dockets.
  • Oversee the church database and its use: compiling visitor information, coordinate receiving new members, preparing baptismal certificates, etc.
  • The CA is responsible to oversee paid office staff and volunteers: coordinating the custodian’s responsibilities, advising the       bookkeeper of expenditures, accounting for vacation time and volunteers, etc.

Ministry Responsibilities

  • The CA is an integral part of Calvary’s ministry structure and will work with the staff to resource and facilitate the efforts of       volunteer leaders.
  • Assist the Diaconate with organizing the management of Calvary’s building and grounds: maintain records of equipment, oversee and evaluate church vendors (i.e., cleaning company), etc.
  • Acts as CARE Coordinator.
  • Provides updates to the Senior Pastor as necessary.


  • The CA is to be a member in good standing of an evangelical Christian church.
  • The CA is to be a team player in the ministries of Calvary and will work closely with other staff members to help accomplish the organization’s mission.
  • The CA is encouraged to pursue opportunities to develop skills that sharpen the CA’s ministry and character.