CRPC Capital Campaign


Our Vision

From our founding in 1955, Calvary's vision for ministry has remained consistent. We are called to a work that is beyond ourselves–reaching out to people with the Gospel of Jesus and welcoming them into our fellowship–a work that can only bear fruit if the Lord Himself is behind it. This disciple-making desire motivates and guides all our ministries. Now our congregation has an opportunity to increase the effectiveness of our mission by improving our aging ministry facilities.

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Our Need

Our existing ministries are pushing the limits of our current facilities.

Growth: Central to the ministry of making disciples is a desire to see the church grow in maturity and size. Our facilities are consistently crowded, hampering growth and fellowship.

Renovation: While we are blessed to have our facilties in use nearly every day, much of our campus needs renovation. The aging modulars are a drain on current resources and have outlived their intended usefulness.

Outreach: Improved facilities will enable us to consider additional avenues of ministry to the area, from church planting to community service. 

Our Plan

The Auditorium expansion would add wings to the building to increase the total available seating to approximately 400, so that the congregation would not require moving to multiple services. This work would include improving the aging HVAC system and the bathrooms and could be completed while the congregation continued to worship in the Auditorium. Approximate Cost–$400,000

The Multi-Purpose Building would have a fellowship hall/gym large enough to seat the entire congregation, a warming kitchen, bathrooms with showers, additional storage, improved signage, and enough classrooms to replace the modular buildings. This project could be built in phases, as funds become available. Approximate Cost–$2,000,000

The entire project will cost approximately $2,400,000. We believe we need $1,100,000 to enable us to complete both of these projects and carry a manageable mortgage. If the Lord were to provide over and above this, in abundance, we could consider adding other improvements such as a commercial kitchen. If we are unable to raise all the needed funds, the church may still move forward with facility improvements on a smaller scale. We won’t know exactly what we’re able to do until we know what our households will pledge to this first campaign. What we do know is that God has blessed us and given us a great vision to grow Christ’s church here in Hampton Roads. Surely we can trust our God to provide beyond ourselves.

Conceptual rendering of long-range facility improvements including the multipurpose building and auditorium expansion.

Conceptual rendering of long-range facility improvements including the multipurpose building and auditorium expansion.

Our Commitment

Our ministry vision moves us beyond ourselves to depend on the Lord as we engage people with the Gospel in a loving community. Our vision for our facilities is no different, pushing us beyond ourselves in serving others and following the Lord by faith. For this reason, we will spend the coming months praying:

Dear Lord, what would you do through me to accomplish your vision for our church? Help me discern a sacrifice for our capital campaign that is meaningful and joyful.